Book Update: Two important things to know in Natural Gas today

Book Update:  Two important things to know in Natural Gas today

I apologize for the long absence.  I’ve been very busy!  What have I been busy on?  That is today’s topic!

Number One: Mexico is calling!

It seems that everyone in natural gas is involved in some type of activity with Mexico right now.  The book – Contents Under Pressure has caught on in Mexico and I have spent most of the summer preparing training, conducting training and building relationships in Mexico.  I’m in Mexico City right now conducting training on the US gas business for Cenagas.  As you may know, Cenagas is the pipeline group formed out of the changes in Mexico’s gas business.  Cenagas is the pipeline formerly known as Pemex, though Pemex had a much larger footprint than just pipeline transportation.

What a great group of people to work with!  There is a vitality in the organization that just celebrated its second anniversary.  The people are eager to learn and eager to provide a good service for their country.  The initial interest from Cenagas has led to me posting a whole list of training options on the website at  Contact me to arrange training for your group or company.

Number Two:  Gas/Electric Harmonization is moving forward

The NAESB organization has adopted five of the concepts out of the Gas/Electric Harmonization Forum to move forward with in 2016.  In addition, specific standards development requests have been submitted by industry participants. These items have been added to the annual plan.  Now comes the hard part – the work of building consensus across disparate priorities and agendas to develop solutions.  The committee for development of the standards, the NAESB WGQ Business Practices Subcommittee is meeting approximately every two weeks in a combination of web-based conference calls and face-to-face meetings.

The items being addressed and the order for addressing them is as follows:

2016 Annual Plan Item 3(b)(i)

 GEH Forum Issue 22-Terminology

                Note: This Annual Plan Item will be included with each of the agenda items below.

R16003a Skipping Stone and Environmental Defense Fund


R16003b Skipping Stone and Environmental Defense Fund / R160007* FIS Global – Energy Services

Nomination of Hourly Quantities

2016 Annual Plan Item 3(b)(v)

GEH Forum Issue 36-Level of Confirmations

2016 Annual Plan Item 3(b)(iv)

GEH Forum Issue 33-Multiple Confirmation Methods

2016 Annual Plan Item 3(b)(ii) / 2016 Annual Plan Item 3(b)(iii)

GEH Forum Issue 25-Communication Protocols / GEH Forum Issue 26-Improve                       efficiency of critical information sharing

R16003c Skipping Stone and Environmental Defense Fund

 Special Efforts Nominations

R16003d Skipping Stone and Environmental Defense Fund

 Special Efforts Capacity Release

R16004 FIS Global – Energy Services

Update Nomination dataset

There are some important changes to our business practices that could come out of these items.  It is valuable for all industry participants to pay attention and participate so that all needs are met, not just some.

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