What Can I Say?

It’s not often that I run out of things to write about.  Actually – that has never happened.  The situation that I’m in right now is that there are so many things that need to be written about that I find myself stuck – unable to make a choice and run with it.

I could spend days on the upcoming changes from Order 809.  It is potentially the most exciting set of changes that I have seen out of FERC in quite a few years.  If we don’t do our job well on this one, they could be minimal, boring changes. But I am hoping and praying that we do our job well and make some changes that positively impact our industry and our customers.

I could spend days writing about technology and the challenges that we face when met with such wonderful opportunities in technology.

I could spend days on the details of the business processes in natural gas.  I learn more every day and am regularly surprised at the new ways that companies find to do business in such an ever-changing marketplace.

I love hearing from you.  I have learned through three different people this last week that my questions to you put you in a difficult position. Often you cannot provide a response to my postings because it would be seen as a company position and you cannot afford to make that statement or, more likely, you are not permitted to make that statement. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call me!  Don’t hesitate to send me an email.  I can use the information, if appropriate, by stating that “A friend told me,” or some other vague reference that points no fingers.  I promise that I won’t say “A friend that works in building X for company Y in the Z department told me…”


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